Data and Automation Empower Business

Strategy by Design

Your business needs more than an online presence—the heart and soul of your organization should exist online as a trustworthy and loyal advocate, always ready to listen to your most loyal customers and constantly working to build trust and gain rapport with new acquaintances. Digital entity optimization is more than just building web presence and trust online. It involves the empathy, agility and the strategic integration of business systems and processes, regardless of scale. Strategy by design means creating a customer-centered pipeline, business analytics strategy, testing regimen and automated acquisition experience that is efficient, adaptable and can measure the value of every tactic implemented to drive business.

Engaging, converting and retaining prospects requires tightly integrated infrastructure and methodology.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Scientific Method:

  1. Observe
  2. Empathize
  3. Hypothesize
  4. Create a methodology
  5. Define independent variables:
    Channels, campaigns and tactics
  6. Define dependent variables:
    Outcomes (actions, conversions, loyalty)
  7. Experiment
  8. Analyze
  9. Summarize
  10. Optimize and Refine Tactics

A customer-focused approach.

I am a digital analytics and marketing automation consultant that blends science with design thinking to develop strategies that work. I take a holistic approach that includes the tactics to drive action, landing experience, website usability, testing and data collection & analysis that drive results and continuous optimization.

What is digital entity optimization?

The web continually evolves. In its evolution, search engines, standards organizations, and engineers have been working hard to build ontological reasoning and intelligence into applications and algorithms in order to allow search engines and web applications the possibility to “understand” data as objects and entities that have attributes and relationships. This enables richer search results, smarter social networks, and better web applications.

It’s time to leverage new technology to build your organization’s digital personality.

Knowing that the future of the web revolves around creating tightly integrated business systems, optimized entities with strong relationships and easily discernible attributes, I can help you create strategic digital plans, implement and configure Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics, Google & Yahoo/Bing Shopping feeds + campaigns, utilize JSON-LD and markup to enhance search engine results, marketing automation/CRM integrations and design & execute multi-channel campaigns that work.

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