Engage. Convert. Retain.

Strategy by Design

Digital entity optimization is more than just building web presence. It involves a comprehensive strategy and digital ecosystem development that is tailored to each client’s specific needs for their web presence. Clients benefit from a comfortable one-on-one experience and customized strategic digital planning. Strategy by design means creating a custom digital planning and measurement strategy that fits you.

Engaging, converting and retaining prospects requires infrastructure and methodology.

Digital Marketing Scientific Method:

1. Observe
2. Hypothesize
3. Create a methodology
4. Define independent Variables: Channels, campaigns, and tactics
5. Define dependent Variables: Outcomes (user actions)
6. Experiment
7. Analyze
8. Summarize
9. Optimize and Refine Tactics

I am a digital marketing consultant that blends science and design thinking to develop strategies that work. I take a holistic approach that includes the landing experience and website usability in order to ensure that increased traffic isn’t hindered by a poor digital experience.

What Is Digital Entity Optimization?

The web continually evolves. In its evolution, search engines, standards organizations, and engineers have been working hard to build ontological reasoning and intelligence into applications and algorithms in order to allow search engines and web applications the possibility to “understand” data as objects and entities that have attributes and relationships. This enables richer search results, smarter social networks, and better web applications.

Knowing that the future of the web revolves around creating optimized entities with strong relationships and easily discernible attributes, I create strategic digital plans, implement and configure Google Tag Manager, Google & Yahoo/Bing Shopping feeds + campaigns, utilize JSON-LD and Schema.org markup to enhance search engine results, and design and execute multi-channel campaigns that work.